Best Hair Care tips for Swimming Pool

Summer time is best when you want to hit the pool for fun or part of your exercise therapy. Protection is important when you get into the chlorine water to keep your expensive hair color and texture in proper condition.

Pool water can dry out hair stands, and with regular swimming it can strip the natural hair moisturizer that can lead to hair fall and frizz. The best strategy includes a little preplanning. Unless you get thrown in the pool, you should keep the following in mind.

– Lightly moisturizer to coat your hair from damaging in pool. Apply few drops of SHEER HAIR GLOW oil like you use hair serum to cover hair for protection against Chlorine pool water.

– Best is to use Argan oil as hair serum to make hair swimming proof.- Wear your cap to cover the head.

– After pool shampoo hair and do not forget to use good hair conditioner.

– Use a wide tooth comb.

You can have all the fun by keeping in mind these care tips for pool