How We Started

The Story Behind Jo’s

The idea of introducing locally handmade skin care products in Pakistan came to me from my mother, who used to apply fresh milk cream in winters as a moisturizer, and made a face mist with rosewater, Glycerin and Fresh lemon juice.

Inspired by her love for nature, and my love for chocolate, I made a very basic sugar based scrub with real chocolate and a few carrier oils. I gave it to a friend who loved the result and asked me to make a few more for friends and family. The feedback from people amazed me. She suggested me to sell it online on Facebook, so I asked my brother to make me a logo that cost me a McDonald meal! I made a page posted some clicks at home with my cell phone.

Orders started coming in and I got encouraged and made a few basic face masks with the help of research and my mother’s experience. A few weeks later, womens’ social group ‘Elan’ approached me to participate in their exhibition, and with all butterflies in my stomach I said yes! The sale didn’t go that well but beauty blogger Marium Shahjahan bought few products and loved them. Positive reviews and ratings on my page increased. Getting people to try a new product is never easy, but I had faith in my fresh, natural ingredients.

I was then approached by online forum like, Dealstoday and Sheops to use their platforms to sell. Repeat customers were the biggest satisfaction and that itself spoke for product quality and effectiveness. I try to make my own creation rather than following the treads. There is a happy dance when a product is made to perfection and I am lucky to have my friends and lab rats, (especially Mariam Malik), for providing me true feedback.

I am also currently still finishing my studies at UK based online college Formula Botanica to improve my products. Jo’s Organic beauty products are now stocked at renowned supermarkets in Karachi like Agha’s, Spring and Necos.

We plan to expand physically across Pakistan and the dream is to open a Salon / Spa to completely implement the idea of having natural products dominate facials and beauty.With time and faith and some supportive friends and family. Jo’s Organic Beauty grew and today I have over 60,000 followers on Facebook with more than 200 plus 5 star ratings and reviews, which I have my dear skin care lovers to thank for, so thank you!

Jovita Alexander

Founder /CEO
Jo’s Organic beauty