Skin Care for MOM TO BE


On demand of our beautiful customers, here are basic skin care during pregnancy

1.Start moisturizing your skin on a daily basis from the moment you discover you’re pregnant. Your skin will need as much elasticity as it can get, so starting your oiling habit in the first trimester is not a moment too soon. (our Rosehip oil along with oats & green tea mask is specially to get you glowing throughout the pregnancy phase).

2. Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is not only good for you and your baby, it’s also good news for your skin which will be in better shape to stretch sans stretch marks.

3. Use natural products. (mask & scrub – O’honey / Oats & green tea mask)

4. Don’t just focus on your bump. Make sure you apply oil or good moisturizer thoroughly on your breasts, hips and bum as well. (use our Body Bliss oil specially created to cater the need).

5. Exercise regularly as this will help keep your circulation pumping and will mean your skin is performing better.

6. Stock up our blend of herbs & nourishing oils “FLORA” to help prevent stretch marks, soothing the skin & soul

7. Eat Healthy whole fresh fruits and vegetables, oil your hair twice a week to keep them healthy and shiny

Note : All our products are 100% nature and pure, best pick for MOMs TO BE